About Us and FAQs

We're slowly perfecting the process but not seeking perfection


Product concepts, descriptions, packaging design, illustrations, 2D and 3D animations, and names are all created in-house, human made, and owned by Imperfect Scents. 

Product photos are both shot in-house and with the help of an independent studio. Product photos are owned by Imperfect Scents. 

All scents are phthalate and paraben free, with formulations that conform to IFRA standards. All scents have been our own, complex blends from the start. That means, none of them have been poured straight from bottles of proprietary blends. 

All scents are our own, and while some may inevitably seem to have similar concepts or profiles from existing fragrances or candles in the market, none of them have been intentionally made as replicates. We consider scent formulas as art pieces and we want to respect these the same way we want our scent blends to be respected by other makers. 

We blend scents to address our current state, to embody intentions from a card pull, to create what we haven't smelled, to manifest the state we want to belong to, or to satisfy the curiosity to create something better. 


Where can I find the bespoke listing?

Thank you for your interest! You can find our bespoke form in the Linkity Links section of our instagram account. We offer 4 bespoke slots per month. [Currently closed]

Will you offer refills for candles?

Yes! It is one of our more ambitious projects. We're still working on it, so please stay tuned (until one of our experiments turn out to be successful). 

The liquid in the sprays have different hues! Is this normal?

Yes, there are ingredients like vanillin and other resins that give the solvent a different hue over time. Sprays, may they be from indie, niche, or mainstream markets may have different colors depending on the ingredients, concentration, and age. 

Are you senior citizens?

Not yet, though we employ the happy help of our mom and our aunt in packaging and boxing our products.