Collection: Liquid Aura


Slow-made 30-mL sprays with concentrations similar to EDTs raring to be your darling.

We Are Always Mindful

As people with rhinitis, migraine, and dermatitis issues, we make products for ourselves first.

We Design Scents

We are veering from the sea of scents and concepts inspired by existing formulas made by perfumers, and focusing on our own imperfect art.

It is not as lucrative, but this path brings us peace.

We design, describe, and illustrate our own scents, inspired only by things, experiences, and ideas that make us feel good. Our best hope is that our offerings help amplify all the good things you are experiencing or are about to.  


Compounded at home and human-made. Original scents, prose, and art. No dupes, direct pours, phthalates, and parabens.