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Baby Carrot Liquid Aura (luck)

Baby Carrot Liquid Aura (luck)

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This meadow’s cuddliest bunny prepared the freshest snack

For those from here and faraway lands

Heaps of newly unearthed carrots lined up for all to feast

Help yourselves to a vegetal blend worth a peek!

Notable notes:

Top: Citrus, herbs

Heart: Carrot seed

Base: Sandalwood, touch of vanilla, among many others


Intention: Luck

Helps balance the following chakras: crown, throat, heart, and sacral

Launched: March 24, 2024


30-mL spray raring to be your little darling


5-mL beats and pulses of joy for your sampling delight

Longevity: 2 hours

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Infused with Reiki

• Blended luxe, premium fragrances and infused them with essential oils and Reiki to help raise your vibe

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A nice green scent

Smells green! Fresh! Like freshly picked produce :) First words that came to mind were "herb garden." At first it developed into something a bit too green for my liking—almost soapy, like dishwashing liquid, but that bit doesn't last! I might say it has a twist of lemon on top. The dry down, though, is sweeter and softer, more akin to wet mint leaves. A very pleasant, unique scent.

Reminds me of MFK Gentle Fluidity Gold in the dry-down

I didn't expect to like this so much. I was on a hunt for the best milk scent and I saw this, got curious, added it to my cart and here we are. I am already excited to wear this on specific days.

Initial spray is very fresh and green! Like you stepped into this garden with sweet-type of vegetables (like carrots, hehe). And then the dry down had a hint of vanilla and some spice that reminded me of MFK's Gentle Fluidity Gold. It's just so good! I layered this with either Mint Balm or Washi Tape! It's a great combo

The herbiness packs a punch!

The initial spray herbiness is so FRESH. Just sharp green that is a wonderful pick-me-up to spritz on a warm day. The dry down is harder to pin down, but it's nice and mellow.


Please come out with a full bottle!!