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Imperfect Scents

Manifesting Candle

Manifesting Candle

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Manifesting 1
Akin to forging metal and shaping new earth, manifesting is willing something into being, giving life to what was once an idea—
Enter the eccentric, made for anywhere from reachable to far-fetched dreams. Our idea of Manifesting plays around the earthy and the eerie: think of wishes brewing in a cast iron cauldron. Hot, bitter herbs and dried peels are thrown in, mixing with the metallic fumes. Whiffs of silver, diesel, and clay float with the powdery cloud of amber and musk.

Notes rockrose, musk, amber, among many others
Recommended for —For lovers of balsamic, leathery, and powdery notes
—For those seeking something eccentric
—For those who “want to receive ___ or something better”
Chakras helps balance all chakras

Manifesting 2
There exists a wish within us, one we have not spoken loud enough to be willed into being. Almost fluid, this wish morphs from one thought to the next, until it appears clear as water.

Think of feeling the sun’s warmth, inhaling the sea breeze, and cupping water in your palms.

Manifest 2 is whispers in water.

Notes Lotus, ozone, marine notes, among others
Other notes
A whiff of newly ironed clothes and sea water stripped of salt
Throw intimate
Chakras throat, heart, solar plexus, and sacral

Manifesting 3

A heart's desire, a true passion, one that is kept alive with every beat. A heart's desire, a true fascination, one that drives your thoughts to fruition.

Here's a tangible reminder of your heart's desire. It sleekly moves from one note to the next, like cologne dabbed on pulse points and the intoxicating trail it leaves.

Think of sultry, sun-tanned skin after a dip in the sea, a bit salty and ozonic. Think of slices of fruit submerged in tonic, waiting to be devoured. Think of lounging by the beach, as if what you desire is simply teasing within proximity.

Think of shaping that desire into action, with Manifesting 3.

Notes algae, coconut, sea salt, among a cocktail of soft notes
Throw subtle-to-moderate throw
Chakras throat, heart, and sacral

Regular candles

For those who prefer slow burns and soft throws.

Our candles are slow-burning memories of a memory, meant to last for hours and hours of intention-setting. We've blended luxe, premium fragrances and infused them with essential oils and Reiki to help raise your vibe. Blended and poured in nano-batches. The candle has a ~5 oz wax weight (previously 4.4 oz), housed in a 6.7-oz jar. When cared for, burn time is at least 30 hours for this size. Although it no longer comes with a lid, we've included a box for your stacking pleasure and increased the wax weight for a longer burn. Because of the heat incurred while in transit, products may arrive with sweating.

• comes with its own box and with a free wax melt or sticker
• no lid

Upsized candles

Something our mom would love: 210-gram versions of our Imperfect Scents! The upsized candles will be made fresh after receiving your preorder request, and these will be shipped within 2 weeks. Each candle will have 2 wicks and will come in white jars with silver lids. Availability will vary periodically.

Packaging and Shipping

We schedule pick-ups once or twice a week. Chosen courier can take 3 to 14 days from date of pick-up.

• There won't be a replacement of items once the order has been submitted. Kindly double-check before ordering.
• There won't be a change of scents or variants once an order has been submitted.
• We will ship at least once a week.
• We're not full-time sellers; we have day jobs so it might take time for us to reply. We appreciate your patience and please know that we will attend to your message as soon as possible.

As for packaging:
• We usually pack our items with clean, recycled materials, and we had this in mind while pricing the items. Only proceed with your order is this is okay with you.

Infused with Reiki

• Our candles are slow-burning memories of a memory, meant to last for hours and hours of intention-setting.
• Blended luxe, premium fragrances and infused them with essential oils and Reiki to help raise your vibe
• Soy + beeswax candles were poured in nano-batches

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