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Imperfect Scents

Moon Cloth Liquid Aura

Moon Cloth Liquid Aura

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A mystical scent as if it were a spell cast to make one feel good. Rough, raspy, leather-like orris transitions to its soft phases. There’s a waning sweetness eclipsed by bright pink pepper, gentle florals waxing like the moon in the morning sky. This celestial spell lends a sheer veil with a moonlit sheen, just enough to keep one fully entranced.


Top: Bergamot, Pink Pepper

Middle: Violet, Heliotrope

Base: Orris butter, Ambroxan, Amber Xtreme, Ambrette Seeds


Intention: Protection

Helps balance the following chakras: heart, solar plexus, and sacral

Launched November 4, 2023


5-mL beats and pulses of joy for your sampling delight

Finely fine prints

Compounded at home by Imperfect Scents. We have slowly, carefully selected words to describe and name the scent. Our interpretation may be different from yours, and that is where the beauty of scent culture lies.

The residue after spraying is normal, but this may prove to be more noticeable during hotter and more humid days.

Please give the scent some days of rest before spraying it for the first time.

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• We will ship at least once a week.
• We're not full-time sellers; we have day jobs so it might take time for us to reply. We appreciate your patience and please know that we will attend to your message as soon as possible.

As for packaging:
• We usually pack our items with clean, recycled materials, and we had this in mind while pricing the items. Only proceed with your order is this is okay with you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Clean and Fresh

It smells so clean and fresh like coming out of the shower or after doing laundry but in a good way!! Not really sure how to explain but it's so subtle i love it

Smells like detergent

Smells very clean~ like detergent. Can't really detect the bergamot on this one, but nonetheless it's comforting, like newly-laundered sheets.